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"Abandon Not My Soul is an incredible story of a journey from despair to hope, betrayal to risk, fear to trust, and from panic to rest... Sherye Green weaves a beautiful tale of grace, reconciliation, purpose, and hope. Anyone who has experienced the jolts of rejection, betrayal, and fear will find a source of encouragement and strength seldom witnessed in our chaotic and entitled world... Once you start this book, you will not be able to put it down."


Dr. Ron Mumbower

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

"With graphic, poetic words, Abandon Not My Soul carries the reader through the struggles of life that are necessary, if one is to experience God in a deep and fulfilling way... At some time in life we have all traveled to The Resting Place for soul searching, Camp 4Ever to escape, and joined Loose Threads for healing... So often we discover ourselves as we seek to understand others."


Dottie Hudson, Author

He Still Stands Tall

"Abandon Not My Soul by Sherye Simmons Green is a novel of grief turned into joy and beauty made from ashes."


American Family Journal

"I like the heart and spirit of this author. I hope this author will reach and bless many more readers... An excellent work."


Judge, Writer's Digest

21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

"Your book is completely written with smooth scenes, believable characters, and solid Christian content. The significant issues that both of the two main characters have to deal with give the novel a welcome sense of realism. The faith content is clear and communicated naturally."


The Writer's Edge

"Author Sherye Green has tapped into the heart of every person who has ever carried a heavy burden or experienced the overwhelming circumstances of life. Abandon Not My Soul will take you on a journey with Abbie, a heart-broken, middle-aged woman, who is struggling to find life anew after walking through personal pain and despair... You will discover hope in the midst of her crisis and joy in the midst of her journey. This compelling story will lead you to an awareness of God's abiding presence in the darkest moments of life."


Dr. Cindy Townsend

Minister of Woman's Missionary Union and Women's Enrichment Ministries

First Baptist Church  

Jackson, MS  

"Abandon Not My Soul is a spiritually uplifting story of the power of prayer, the beautiful gift of friendship and how God never leaves or forsakes us...A soul stirring story that not only inspires, but will remind the reader of God's faithfulness and love!"


Readers' Favorite

"Considering this is her first novel, Green writes with impressive confidence, constructing a plot that is complex but emotionally touching. Abbie's noble fortitude, though, becomes the twine that holds the whole tender story together and makes this a sweet tale about the power of second chances."


Kirkus Reviews

"Author Sherye Simmons Green uses colorful verbs and sensory language to weave this simple story of healing and love. She also skillfully unwinds the tale, revealing just enough at a time... Readers who appreciate a straightforward tale with a hint of romance and characters who lean on prayer and faith should enjoy this book."


Blue Ink Reviews

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